Map of the Laques.

Water (l'eau)

There is a plethora of springs, streams, rus, rivers, lakes in our region. The Artificial Lakes, have as their primary function to serve as a reservoir of flow for the great rivers that are the Seine and the Marne. Indeed the 3 lakes ( Lake of Orient, Lake of Temple, Lake Amance) are used to moderate the flow of the Seine and thus avoid floods, especially in Paris and the Paris region. These lakes are also places of recreation, relaxation, with beaches.  It is possible to sail, with a motorized boat, or to practice navigation by rowing or paddling....... there are also arrangements for the picnic, and shaded areas. Beaches -Boat landing -Establishment for sustenance -Campsites -Park games A variety of facilities for the well being of those who wish to spend a pleasant time there.

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