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Statut du propriétaire : Société
Préfixe : Micro Entreprise
Nom de la Société : Troyes Bulles
Adresse : 2 ter rue Jules Ferry 10300 Sainte Savine
Tél  : +33 6 33 49 19 10

SIRET :  837 489 798   R.C.S. : 837 489 79800012

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The general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter GTC) stipulated below constitute the legal basis of the relations with our customers. Any order placed in common with our company Troyes Bulles 2 ter rue Jules Ferry 10300 Sainte Savine constitutes acceptance without restriction of these Terms and Conditions which prevent any contrary clauses formulated in any way by the Customer. By Client, it is understood the professional all the institutions of the tourism and the natural persons having concluded a direct service without intermediary, with Troyes Bulles.

Our company Troyes Bulles offers the following services:
a) Organize discoveries and personalized accompaniments in Champagne of amateur or professional talents in connection with the production of Champagne or other professions such as cooper, jam maker, metallurgist craftsman, artist in the broad sense.
b) Conduct visits and discoveries with Client.
c) To this end, provide useful information and advice.
Our company Troyes Bulles at any time, may have to modify or delete programs according to circumstances or any event without possibility of complaint, and undertakes to inform the customer of its changes as soon as possible as it has been informed.


The Customer makes a request directly to Troyes Bulles at least 72 hours in advance, by phone or email for a desired circuit example vineyard visit, discovery of a talent, accompaniment to a museum, Upon receipt of the request Troyes Bulles sends by email its response with a proposal on a detailed quote.
The quote will indicate the time and place of appointment agreed with the customer, the circuit, the stages, the visiting hours, the approximate return time, and the costs in detail of each provider, and the specific cost of the organization and support of Troyes Bulles, and will be attached these Terms and Conditions.
The Customer validates the quote by return email by stating his agreement for the services offered, the day, the place, and the time of appointment and the Terms and Conditions, which then becomes an email "Contract" purchase order.


The costs of catering and visits are the responsibility of the client and must be paid directly by the client to the on-site service providers on the day of the visit as indicated on the quotation.
For each Service, the "Contract" consists of the detailed specifications of the services and these Terms and Conditions.
If Troyes Bulles fails to pay for the accompaniment and organization service on the day and before departure, the company is not obliged to honour the circuit and the other services.


The indicated rates are individual and fixed for the whole group without exceeding 4 natural persons. The customer decides the number of people.
Any order more than 20 days from the day of the service must be accompanied by a deposit of 20 euros to be paid into the bank account of Troyes Bulles, the non-payment of the deposit cancels the «Contract».
Some sites require the use of voice transmission systems (audiophone, microphone/earpieces for example). Troyes Bulles cannot be held responsible for the management of this material and cannot be held responsible for its condition, of its restitution it will be up to the customer to pay the cost of this service…
Troyes Bulles may, in case of behaviour considered abnormal, dangerous, disrespectful of the group, avail itself of a right of withdrawal, partial or total, and interrupt his visit until normal conditions of exercise are restored; If these conditions are not restored, Troyes Bulles may legitimately stop the performance of the service. The payment of the entire visit remains then due without any reduction or claim.
Except for specific circumstances, negotiated with our Client, no discount, discount, rebate or discount will be applied.


The rates include only the accompanying fees and organization of Troyes Bulles. The costs of audiophones (or equivalent) restaurants, visits, are the responsibility of the Customer and must be paid on the spot by the Customer or his/her group(s): Troyes Bulles can, at the customer’s express request, pay for these services, which will therefore be indicated on the Troyes Bulles Invoice under the disbursement heading and will be accompanied by the invoices of the service providers, and payable by the Customer.
- the Customer undertakes to take charge of the meal of the Troyes Bulles escort (for a delivery of one day or more). 
- the accommodation of the guide Troyes Bulles (for a service of more than one day outside the guide’s department of residence). It will be obligatorily provided a single room, with toilet and shower in the room in an establishment of 2 stars minimum. The evening meal will be taken care of by the Customer. 
Visit prices may change to take account of the change in the exchange rate between the Euro and other currencies, which could occur between the date of conclusion of the Contract and the date of payment of the services if this change in the exchange rate exceeds 5%; it being specified that the price revision will be based on the change in the exchange rate. Notwithstanding this remark, it is recalled that no modification of the basic price may take place within the 30 days preceding the date of commencement of the service.


All travel is, in principle, by vehicle, public transport and/or on foot. All groups and members of the group travel and travel at their own expense, risk and peril; we only assume responsibility for our services (see scope of our responsibility). Taking into account the specific features inherent to each order, we undertake to do our best to comply with the requirements expressed beforehand by the Customer or his group. However, our contractual commitments are honoured to the extent possible and we undertake to do the best we can to satisfy the Customer and his/her group(s). In any case, there can be no commitment of our responsibility in case of cancellation of the visit or the program due to strikes, closure of museums, monuments or programmed sites not announced, blockages, fires, weather, natural disasters, significant disruption of public transport, the health of the Troyes Bulles escort, the failure of third party obligations upstream or downstream of the service, the group’s abnormal behaviour, cases of major force or other event outside our control.
In addition, the Customer is responsible for all damages arising from his/her group(s) or contractual partners.


In case of delay of the Customer or the group, the Troyes Bulles companion, failing to be informed, will wait a maximum of one hour. The visit can be shortened from the time of the delay according to the availability of the companion Troyes Bulles. In both cases, full payment of the benefit will be due. It is strongly advised, in case of delay, to inform Troyes Bulles at the number that will be communicated to you.
In the event of interruption of the service by the Client or the group, the service will remain fully due.
Any changes to the program may only be made by the Interpreter Guide or with the written consent of the Interpreter Guide.
In all cases, no reimbursement or compensation will be paid.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the payment of the service is made on the day of the event, net, even in case of cash settlement.
Any deterioration of the Customer’s credit may justify the requirement of guarantees, cash settlement or one/more down payment(s) before the performance of the service.
In the event of non-payment at the contractual deadline, the debtor shall be automatically liable to Troyes Bulles for a lump sum recovery fee of forty (40) euros, in accordance with Article D. 441-5 of the French Commercial Code. The amount due will be increased automatically at a rate of 1.5% per month of delay applying as soon as the 40 euros are exceeded, without it being necessary to issue a formal notice and without prejudging the costs of proceedings and damages according to the damage suffered.
Any procedural costs incurred for the recovery of unpaid debts are the sole responsibility of the debtor and are estimated at a flat rate of 10% of the remaining amount due, with a minimum of 150€.


Any cancellation by the Customer or the group implies automatic and systematic retention of the reservation package of 20€ TTC by our company Troyes Bulles insofar as the booking service is performed as soon as electronic validation and implies implementation of confirmation and invoicing paperwork via email. Cancellations made between 60 and 31 days before the visit will be charged at 25% of the agreed price of the service. Cancellations made between 30 and 16 days before the visit will be charged 50% of the agreed price of the service. Cancellations made within 15 days will be charged in full. If the Contract is concluded between Professionals, it does not open the right to withdrawal within the meaning of article L.121-20-12 of the Consumer Code.


Our responsibility is limited to the establishment of your program of tourist visits, the provision of useful information for this purpose, as well as the provision of organization and tourist accompaniment in the proposed and chosen language.
Any reservation other than the tour or the tour, such as accommodation, catering and means of transport is not part of our services.
We cannot, in any case, be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur to the Client or Group participating in the Service. Our Company may not be held responsible for an incident or accident related to a transport carried out by a third party or by the Customer himself, active or passive, any incident related to the restoration or the Hotel industry, any third party that came into contact during our service.


The Customer’s personal data is processed electronically in order to validate, record, execute and therefore process the purchases of the visits; they can be used to establish the evolution and evaluation of visits for our service providers and our Company in order to improve our services. This information is provided only if necessary to the Company’s partners (such as our bank). On the other hand, and subject to the Customer’s express agreement, the group’s personal data may be used for commercial communication purposes.
In accordance with the "Data Protection Act" of 6 January 1978, the Client has a right of access to rectification and deletion of information concerning him and a right of opposition to the processing of his data.
These rights are exercised by the Company, at the following postal address: Troyes Bulles 2 ter Rue Jules Ferry 10300 Sainte Savine or at the email address appearing on the site.


Any tolerance of one of the parties relating to the non-performance or misperformance by the other party of one of these provisions of the General Terms and Conditions shall in no case, regardless of the duration, be able to give rise to any right whatsoever for the party concerned, modify in any way the nature, extent or performance of its obligations by the other Party.
The Company may, at any time, make any modification or adaptation to the Terms and Conditions. The applicable Terms and Conditions will be those in effect on the date of the Contract.
In case of contradiction between the stipulations of the GTC, the order or the description, the stipulations contained in a document of higher rank will prevail. The hierarchy, in ascending order, of the above documents is as follows: 1. General Terms and Conditions 2. Quotation 3. Validation email or mail order.


Only French law is applicable to our Contract, regardless of the reason for questioning.
Any complaint, for non-performance or poor performance of the Contract in particular, is brought by the Group to the Customer in its capacity as a professional organizer of tourist discovery offers; no direct recourse or request for solidarity can occur.
Any claim, for non-performance or poor performance of the Contract in particular, is brought by the Client legal entity to our Company by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at the address of its registered office within the month of the performance under penalty of foreclosure. It shall be required to substantiate its claim in law and in fact, by attached evidence, so that, where appropriate, in the event of a finding of failure by the Company to fulfil its obligations, compensation may be investigated. The Company will make its best efforts to provide a response to the Customer within four (4) weeks of receipt of the above letter. The parties will endeavour to settle amicably any dispute that may arise between them regarding the validity, interpretation, performance or termination of the Agreement. Any client legal person will have to refer to the competent courts of our company, exclusively competent.


The Parties, whatever their nature, object, nationality, service ordered, agree that damages will be limited to the booking fee (i.e. 20€) and the price of the service initially charged.

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